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  "I recommend SimpleSoft products, not only because SimpleAgentPro was useful for our simulations, but also because I liked the support I received. SimpleSoft is always quick to answer to my questions or requests although we are in different countries."  
  -Yuka Kachi, Assistant Manager
NEC Corporation
SimpleSleuth Release Notes
SimpleSoft is pleased to announce the following new releases of its SimpleSleuth product.
SimpleSleuth Ver 4.5 Release Notes (May 1, 2012)
These notes describe the new enhancements made to the SimpleSleuth since Version 4.0.
Individual Test Execution
Individual tests can now be marked as "do not run." A test engineer may choose to do this because of a unknown problem in the agent under test or a feature that has not been implemented yet. This will save test suite execution time and remove unnecessary clutter from the test summaries.
Other Fixes and Enhancements
The "Test Complete" dialog now provides the option of viewing the test suite summary report.
The Tcl enterpreter has been upgraded to v8.5.11.
The Browser has been updated to the latest version.
SimpleSleuth Ver 4.0 Release Notes (April 28, 2009)
These notes describe the new enhancements made to the SimpleSleuth since Version 3.0.
New Tests
New tests have been added to include checks based on a recent CERT advisory (#878044). This advisory identifies an SNMPv3 authentication vulnerability in some implementations. These tests affect both the agent tests as well as the manager tests.
Other Enhancements
The MIB viewer has been udpated.
The CMD file, used in running the SimpleSleuth in batch mode, supports a new parameter. You can now specify a Settings profile name and all the parameters associated with the profile will be used during the current invocation.
SimpleSleuth Ver 2.5 Release Notes (July 21, 2005)
These notes describe the new enhancements made to the SimpleSleuth since Version 2.0.
IPv6 Support
The SimpleSleuth now supports communcation via Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). An IPv4 or IPv6 entity address can now be specified. The application will automatically recognize the address type and initiate the appropriate communication scheme. Both agent and manager tests are supported.
For management application testing, the SimpleSleuth will open the appropriate agent socket based on the IP version specified by the user.
SimpleSleuth Ver 2.0 Release Notes (May 3rd, 2004)
These notes describe the new enhancements made to the SimpleSleuth since Version 1.1.
Command Recorder
With the Command Recorder feature, test sequences carried out using the graphical user interface get recorded into a command file. This command file can then be used to carry out the same tests in command line mode, without the GUI.
The command recorder automatically creates the corresponding command file making it easy to use the SimpleSleuth in an unattended, automated manner.
HTML Test Summary Reporting
The Test Summary file can now also be created in HTML format where the test results are displayed in an easy to read tabular manner.
Links are also provided to the actual test results so that you can easily drill down to get additional information.
Dongle Key Support
The hardware dongle key is now also supported in addition to the software license key, for user convenience. Both parallel and USB keys are now supported.
Agent Reboot Detection
Sometimes, the agent crashes, reboots and is up again in time to respond to the good SNMP queries done to check if the agent is still alive. To detect fast agent reboots, SimpleSleuth now supports the retrieval of sysUpTime before and during the tests and checks if the sysUpTime value is getting larger.
Port Closure Detection
In the case of Manager testing, there are no specific checks being made by SimpleSleuth to detect if the manager is still alive. In ver 2.0, SimpleSleuth adds the detection of port closure error messages in Windows to detect if there is no longer an application that is listening to the remote port. This can indicate that the application (for example a trap receiver application on port 162) has crashed and is no longer available to listen to incoming traps.
MIB Browser Support
A new MIB browser application that can be resized is now included in the product. It has the ability to do multiple varbind SET requests.
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