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  "I really liked the performance of SimpleAgentPro. Its response to rapid SNMP queries is very impressive. We use SimpleAgentPro to simulate scenarios that I receive from our customers. SimpleAgentPro is saving us time and money and is making our testing process more efficient."  
  -Kelly Smith, HP BTO R&D
HP Software
SimpleTester's SAN Test Suite  
An Add-on Module for SimpleTester™ The Standard for SNMP Testing
Network Management applications for performance monitoring and fault detection increasingly rely on the data gathered from network equipment using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). This gathered data is typically the values of performance and error counter variables in MIBs.  
If the network equipment is not correctly instrumented, or if the counter values are not accurately communicated via SNMP, then the conclusions drawn by the management applications will not be accurate. Hence to ensure correctness, the SNMP agent must be tested for proper instrumentation and accurate communication of the data via SNMP.  
SimpleSoft, the industry leader in SNMP Agent Testing, has teamed up with Spirent Communications, a leader in packet generation, to create a complete SNMP Test solution for the SAN industry that verifies both SNMP protocol compliance and the accuracy of counters in popular SNMP MIBs.  
The base SimpleTester product provides syntax checking for all SNMP MIBs, while scripts within the SimpleTester SAN MIB Test suite validate the accuracy of the variables in popular SAN MIBs like the Fibre Alliance MIB.  
Source code for the SAN Test suite includes the code to interface with Spirent Communications SmartBits to make a truly complete, ready-to-go, test solution.  
  • Saves test development time and speeds time-to-market.
  • Automated nature of SimpleTester test environment saves time without compromising completeness.
  • Easy to use, "Out-of-the-box" operation.
SimpleTester is an easy-to-use, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 test tool that verifies SNMP agent implementations. The SAN Fibre Channel MIB test suite includes:  
  • Support for three versions of the Fibre Alliance MIB: v1.5, 2.2, and v3.0
  • Verification of performance and error counters using the Spirent SmartBits Fibre Channel Module.
  • Integration code with Spirent SmartBits Fibre Channel Module to verify performance & error counters.
  • Test scripts that are fully accessible for ease of customization and development of new tests.
System Requirements  
The SimpleTester requires Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.  
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