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  "I recommend SimpleSoft products, not only because SimpleAgentPro was useful for our simulations, but also because I liked the support I received. SimpleSoft is always quick to answer to my questions or requests although we are in different countries."  
  -Yuka Kachi, Assistant Manager
NEC Corporation
Company Overview
SimpleAgentPro (8.0) adds support for HTTP(s) and SSH
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, February 18, 2004: SimpleSoft, a leading provider of SNMP test and simulation tools, today announced the release of SimpleAgentPro (Ver 8.0), a network simulator that allows users to develop, test, train and demonstrate network management applications without requiring thousands of real hardware boxes.
While SNMP is the leading internet standard for network management, management applications continue to utilize a variety of protocols to monitor and control networking devices. Telnet/CLI, SSH, HTTP, HTTPs, TL1, DH, TFTP and FTP are often used in addition to SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 to effectively manage a multi-vendor, heterogeneous environment. Recognizing this need, SimpleSoft has continued to enhance its popular SNMP simulator, SimpleAgentPro, to support all the above protocols.
"As Network Management paradigms and protocols evolve, we have continued to enhance SimpleAgentPro to make it not just a SNMP simulator but a true Network Management device simulator," said Sudhir Pendse, SimpleSoft CEO, "Our customers can now simulate large scale networks with thousands of network elements to carry out scalability, performance, disaster recovery and pre-deployment testing."
SimpleAgentPro can dramatically reduce test setup costs by simulating thousands of expensive devices on one machine. Version 8.0 can quickly create new networks or learn from existing ones using built-in discovery wizards. Error conditions, trap storms, and syslog events can be easily created to test disaster recovery scenarios. Pre-deployment testing of large networks can be carried out to ensure that management solutions in place can scale up to handle the load. SimpleAgentPro can also be useful during development, demonstrations and training.
SimpleAgentPro (ver 8.0) is available immediately on Windows, Solaris and Linux. For more information, please contact SimpleSoft at 650-965-4515 or visit www.SNMPtest.com
SimpleSoft also produces the SimpleTester, an automated agent tester that enables protocol conformance testing of SNMP agents and SimpleSleuth, an SNMP vulnerability probe that quickly and easily tests SNMP implementations for vulnerability to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
Founded in 1993, SimpleSoft has grown to be the world's leading provider of SNMP simulation and test software tools, producing software tools for both sides of the SNMP equation. With more than 400 customers worldwide, SimpleSoft tools are widely used by QA, R&D, tech support, engineering, and sales in the world's leading networking companies and network equipment manufacturers. Located in Mountain View, CA, SimpleSoft can be found on the web at: www.SNMPtest.com.
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