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  DOCSIS OSS Test Suites for Cable Modem  
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SimpleTester's DOCSIS OSS CMTS Test Suites  
Add-on Modules for SimpleTester™ The Standard for SNMP Testing
The cable industry has created a standard for capability, performance and reliability known as DOCSIS™, or Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. The specification also includes detailed test procedures known as the Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) that are used to check devices for compliance with DOCSIS.  
Today, a manufacturer must tediously test a Cable Modem Terminating System (CMTS) prior to sending it to CableLabs® for DOCSIS certification. This test process, which when manually done could take weeks, can now be completed in hours with the automated SimpleSoft DOCSIS OSS CMTS Test Suites. Procedures such as rebooting, switching between SNMP versions, users and related parameters, and generating test reports can be run with just a few mouse clicks. This test suite is built for the industry-leading SimpleTester™ and exhaustively tests OSS implementations to help products quickly pass the rigorous certification testing.  
The SimpleTester™ is a powerful, yet easy to use, SNMP tester that is already used in the cable modem certification process. The two separate DOCSIS OSS CMTS Test Suites for DOCSIS v1.1 and DOCSIS v2.0 add automated ATP testing to this standard for SNMP testing.  
Separate DOCSIS OSS Test Suites for Cable Modem devices are also available.  
  • Saves test development time and speeds time-to-market. Even developers can do unit testing from their own desks.
  • Automated nature of SimpleTester test environment saves time without compromising completeness
  • Easy to use, "Out-of-the-box" operation, that requires minimum test resources..
SimpleTester is an easy-to-use, SNMPv1/v2c/v3 test tool that verifies SNMP agent implementations. The two separate DOCSIS CMTS Test Suites add:  
  • Automates rebooing, and test results follow DOCSIS ATP format.
  • Automates switching between test configurations such as SNMP version, user name, and security level.
  • Automates support for SNMPv3 and Diffie-Hellman functionality for five (5) different users and VACM views.
  • All Test scripts are fully accessible and modifiable if required.
DOCSIS v1.1 OSS CMTS Test Suite:  
  • Support for OSS-2, OSS-3, OSS-6, and OSS-16 ATPs.
  • Support for Coexistence and NM Access modes.
  • Based on TP-OSSI-ATPv1.1-I02-020830 and contains over 250 test files and scripts.
DOCSIS v2.0 OSS CMTS Test Suite:  
  • Support for OSS-2, OSS-3, and OSS-6 ATPs.
  • Support for Coexistence and NM Access modes.
  • Based on TP-OSSIv2_0-I01-020531 and contains over 115 test files and scripts.
System Requirements  

The SimpleTester 6.5.2 requires Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

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