Ver 17.5 Release Notes



Support is now included for an embedded HTTP/s server which will parse incoming http requests and look for information from a playback file or modeling file to respond to http requests. HTTPs support is currently available on Linux.


A Proxy Server is included that can record incoming requests that get forwarded to a real Server and the server response, after recording, gets returned to the requestor. The recorded messages can then be converted into a playback file or a modeling file that can be used during the simulation.


The modeling file includes support for token substitution that can be used when cloning simulated devices to give back different responses.


VMware vSphere API support with playback:

The separately priced cloud module is now enhanced to include a Proxy Server with record capability that can be used to create playback files.


The simulated vCenter is also enhanced to use playback files for simulation.


Support has been added for additional API calls such as CheckForUpdates and QueryPerfCounter.


Optimized GUI Starting of Maps:


The starting of large number of maps via the GUI has now been optimized to reduce the startup time considerably.


This time saving feature is particularly useful for large scale simulations.


User Interface:


A new icon to start a Device has been added to the toolbar.


As the Device Properties contains multiple Tabs for the various protocols supported, a drop down combo box has been added to it to facilitate quick navigation between the the Tabs.


The configuration dialog has been enhanced to allow the selection of the interface to be used for adding the multihomed IP addresses used for simulation.


Fast Stop option for all maps has been added on Linux.
Sathrd/Tcl Commands:
A new %authfailure_action callout has been added to handle tcl script evaluation upon authentication failure.
Additional XML and SOAP commands allow for the support of valuetype construct to be used to generate dynamic values in responses.
Support has also been added to handle XML Client initiation of connections for use in CWMP.
NetFlow data file now supports an optional cache count that can be used to send specific traffic cache values for a certain amount of time.
Sapcsnl has been enhanced to start all maps in a specified workspace.
License Server:
A 64-bit License server for Linux is now available.
Support has been added for a notion of User with login and password to facilitate separate pools of licenses.
Bug Fixes/Minor Changes:

Display statistics on status bar has been optimized.
Return of incorrect path from sapns when SAPro installed in a different drive other than C: has been corrected.

Saving of GUI settings in sapro.ini at termination has been updated.