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Supporting SSH version 1 in addition to
version 2

  One of our customers was using our SSH support and wanted to use an application that used SSH version 1. Since the modified opensshd uses /usr/local/etc/sshd_config for its configuration information, and it supports version 2 by default, it needed to be modified.   Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config so that Protocol 2 becomes: Protocol 2,1 And enable […]

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Simulating anomalous agent behavior

  One of our customers had an interesting problem and wanted to model a device anomaly where the device agent responds correctly for most variables, but for some variables, the agent does not respond.   Using a modeling script that looks like the following helped him model this anomaly.   === %init_action set myIP [SA_getmyip] […]

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Netflow Traffic Variations

  One of our customers was using our Netflow module and had created flow caches with high, low and medium traffic that were sent out every 1 second. They wanted high traffic for 2 minutes, low traffic for 5 minutes, medium traffic for 1 minute and then to start all over again.   The current […]

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