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  "SimpleAgentPro supports many agents on the same box, and the file format is very intelligent. The ability to automatically create traps from a compiled MIB file has significantly increased the productivity of our team!"  
  -Roberto Zambetti, Project Manager
   Italtel SpA
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SimpleAgentPro® Cable Modem Simulator
SimpleAgentPro® is a Cable Modem Simulator that simulates an entire network made up of thousands of SNMP manageable CMTS, CMs, and MTAs. Using this tool, one can develop, test and demonstrate Provisioning Servers, DHCP Servers, and Management applications without requiring stacks of expensive and bulky hardware. Simulated  
devices can make DHCP requests, get provisioned using TFTP to download configuration files, make ToD requests, and respond to SNMP queries (v1,v2c, v3, Diffie-Hellman.)  
Enterprise Level simulation, made up of thousands of devices, can be distributed over multiple servers and still be controlled from a single user interface.  
Cable Operators/MSOs can ensure that their provisioning and management infrastructure is ready for large scale deployment of new DOCSIS standards before the actual roll out of new services. The Cable Simulation Wizard supports many typical configurations and assists in setting up large scale simulations with just a few mouse clicks. Each simulated cable device supports its own MIBs, data, and IP Address and has built-in support for dynamic values. The use of Tcl based scripting makes its highly versatile in simulating advanced agent behavior and trap generation.  
  • Pre-Deployment Testing can be easily carried out to ensure that provisioning and management applications can scale up to manage the large scale deployment of new technology, prior to the actual roll out. Thousands of CMs and MTAs can be quickly simulated to generate real provisioning requests as well as responses to performance and fault management queries.
  • Post Deployment Testing of management applications can be carried out by simulating disaster recovery scenarios from simple trap strorms to regional power failures and the subsequent simultaneous recovery of a large number of devices. Error scenarios can be scripted to check the effectiveness of the recovery procedures in place to ensure high reliability of service.
  • Training groups can give animated, mobile demos of different networking scenarios by using scripts to generate traps, change interface status, create error conditions and even make the agents stop responding to SNMP requests. Costly hardware, installation and setup can be eliminated, and initial network environment can be easily restored.
  • Management Application Vendors can develop applications even when the agent is incomplete or absent. The MIB definition file alone is enough to instantly simulate a device. These applications can be tested for scalability without requiring large inventories in the lab. Even large networks with thousands of devices can be quickly simulated without a large budget.
  • Sales organizations can give demonstrations of management applications at customer premises or trade shows without having to carry bulky equipment and spending hours configuring it. Hundreds of different devices can be simulated on the management station itself or on portable notebooks.
The SimpleAgentPro is available on a variety of platforms (Redhat Linux, Windows XP/2003/7/8/2008), from high end workstations to laptop PCs.  It can even run on the same machine that runs your management application, to create a self-contained development and demonstration environment.  The device simulation files are ASCII files and can be shared by everyone in the organization. Support for learning traps and syslog events, and replaying them to re-create error scenarios or trap storms is part of the product as are pre-learned devices from Cisco, Motorola and Thomson/RCA.  
  • Supports protocols like SNMPv1, v2c, v3, DHCP, TFTP, ToD, FTP, Telnet/CLI, & Diffie-Hellman.
  • Provides support for CM and MTA initialization message flows as per the PacketCable specifications.
  • Cable Modem Simulation Wizard assists in setting up large scale simulations of typical network configurations.
  • Controls the value returned for each variable. Built-in dynamism with value types like randomUp, clock, sequential, lastset and utilization.
  • Generates any SNMP trap or changes MIB data via Tcl scripts that get executed based on timers, user requests or within pdu processing.
  • Supports dynamic row creation via RowStatus, EntryStatus and new instance methods.
  • Provides the capability to learn traps from devices and re-transmit them to multiple trap managers.
  • Uses Tcl based scripting to better model agent behavior and interrelationships between MIB variables.
  • Exposes APIs for user defined integration.
  • Provides all the capabilities via command line interface.
  • Includes MIB Browser.
  • Utilities available to manage distributed execution for large scale simulations.
  • Keeps a log of SNMP requests in debug mode.
  • Displays device vendor information in graphical thumb-nail view.
  • Allows users to add their own devices to the device library.
  • Can support up to 10,000 devices depending on available system resources and type of simulation. SimpleAgentEnterprise available for even higher device counts.
  • Pre-Rollout: Realistic estimation of the capabilities of provisioning and management services prior to large scale deployment of new technology and services.
  • Disaster Simulation: Ensure high reliability of services by testing ability to recover from simulated disaster scenarios in the lab. Train personnel to troubleshoot and fix problems by re-creating error scenarios.
  • Dev/Test and Demo: Perform development, testing and demonstration of management applications without requiring access to thousands of real devices in the lab or at customer sites.
System Requirements:
SimpleAgentPro can run on:
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2003/7/8/2008.
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux (5.x,6.x)
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