Ver 17.5 Release Notes

  HTTP/s with REST/SOAP: Support is now included for an embedded HTTP/s server which will parse incoming http requests and look for information from a playback file or modeling file to respond to http requests. HTTPs support is currently available on Linux.   A Proxy Server is included that can record incoming requests that get […]

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Introduction to SNMP Video


This short video tutorial will quickly introduce you to the various concepts in SNMP and help you make informed decisions regarding your upcoming SNMP project.

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Netflow Traffic Variations

  One of our customers was using our Netflow module and had created flow caches with high, low and medium traffic that were sent out every 1 second. They wanted high traffic for 2 minutes, low traffic for 5 minutes, medium traffic for 1 minute and then to start all over again.   The current […]

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